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Atelier #3

Wharf Chambers


Leeds Testing Atelier is a free one day software testing conference.

The event will have a variety of talks relating directly to testing methodologies, as well as broader talks aimed at improving tester collaboration with other IT disciplines.

Confirmed speakers include:

John McLusky

Database Unit Testing with tSQLt.

John McLusky has been working with SQL Server for over 15 years, and has been Database Development Team Leader at EMIS Health for the past 8 years, looking after standards, performance and quality in a department of nearly 200 developers and testers.

Despite widespread adoption of Unit Testing for general application development, adoption within database development is rare and many database developers will not have ever written a unit test, despite the advantages it can bring. This session will provide an overview of Unit Testing using the open source tSQLt framework, demonstrating how it can increase confidence in your code, save you time and help prevent bugs from being introduced in the future.

Melissa Howe

Team Driven Mobile Test Automation.

I’m a software engineer in test for EMIS Health and have been working here for 4 years. I’m currently on the mobile tribe focussing on iOS app testing. Prior to that I briefly worked as a games developer, and did a degree in Interactive Media Design.

The talk will focus on our teams journey from requirements to automated tests using acceptance criteria, but also go into detail about how we’ve built a framework to write/run tests across 2 platforms (iOS and Android) which uses Appium. I will demo writing/running tests too (hopefully).

Thomas Crabtree

Teaching people testing (When it’s hard to explain to another tester what you do)

Teaching people things is hard. Teaching people something like Testing, which is so broad, complex and open to interpretation is even harder. In this session you'll learn about my experience teaching people testing and the challenges I've encountered along the way, including my realisation I knew much less than I thought (!), that people very quickly think they are experts and that humans have a much smaller capacity to quickly learn lots of things than I first thought, especially in a classroom settings.

We'll look at some basic training techniques and models and how these can be applied to our testing lives to learn how to learn, and learn how to teach and advocate testing.

Sarah Tulip

Where are all the testers?

Sarah Tulip will be talking about her experience of working for the last 3 years running a Talent Team within the pure testing space and how she went about building amazing testing teams.

James Sheasby Thomas

Accessibility Testing Crash Course

Ritch Partridge

More than just colouring in.

Ritch is a UX Developer, UI Designer and general creative dogsbody. In this talk he hopes to discuss the difference effective UX can make to a product and when UX can go horribly horribly wrong.

Dave Turner

Testers broke my heart, then automated it.

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